Government does not belong in the exam room

Originally published in the Hastings Journal, October 27, 2022.

To the editor:

I am writing in support of Tina Folch for Minnesota House District 41B.

All of us are concerned about inflation and food costs. I support Tina because she has experience in local cities and gets things done. While some rail at any public spending on social programs, during the pandemic we saw many a Republican business accept much-needed “handouts.”

As a doctor in Hastings for 38 years, I have delivered thousands of babies. I am concerned that we could lose the ability to make private healthcare decisions with our provider, including birth control and whether to have a baby. I have helped many families facing unbelievable health challenges in pregnancy and life. The government does not belong in the exam room. One particular religion should not determine the choices of everyone in our state.

Reproductive choice in Minnesota appears safe, but other states have turned 180 degrees. I know Tina would work hard to make sure we continue to have the FREEDOM to determine our own healthcare decisions.

If we have billion-dollar tax surpluses, then why does my community have 36 kids in some classes and fewer programs than my school had in 1968? Public education is one of our bedrocks. We need our young students prepared and ready for the challenges of the future.

I support Tina Folch for 41B because she is dedicated to helping everyone, not just a few. She will work hard to help our businesses and all families.

Lesley Atwood, MD