Tina Folch brings the diverse interests and needs of citizens together

Dear Editor:

The current campaign season is full of outdated economic policy assertions, unfounded claims of indoctrination, divisive social policy declarations, and statements that glorify war. I believe in a different model of public leadership, one that is based on collaboration and the Common Good. I endorse Tina Folch for Minnesota House District 41B because she represents that ideal. Tina is a candidate that seeks to bring the diverse interests and needs of citizens together to help create a better Minnesota. She is a strong advocate for women’s rights and environmental issues, supports the diverse citizens of our state, stands with law enforcement, and recognizes the role of community investment in creating a healthy and vibrant society. In addition to being an effective elected official, she is a mother, public servant, and full-time professional.

Finally, it is important that our State Representative is accessible in the community to understand people’s thoughts and aspirations. Tina Folch has made that a core of her campaign; this is one of many reasons that I support Ms. Folch and hope that you will also.

William Spinelli, MD, MPA