Tina Folch is the candidate who will fight for your concerns

To the Editor,

Your rights to privacy and reproductive freedom, the welfare of LGBTQ communities, racial equity issues and the integrity of your public schools are at stake in both the state and national elections this fall. If you are concerned about these dramatic issues facing our state and country, then the most important action you can take is to support and vote for the candidate who represents your concerns.

Tina Folch is the candidate who will represent you and fight for your concerns in the upcoming Minnesota House 41 B race on November 8, 2022. Tina is a smart, articulate, and seasoned public servant. Not only is she currently a Hastings City Council member, she continues to be an active volunteer in a number of organizations in the Hastings-Cottage Grove area.

The race between Tina Folch and Republican candidate Shane Hudella will be difficult because it is about issues that are causing great divisions in our state and country. For Tina to win this race, she needs volunteers and funding. If you are concerned about our state and country, act now. You will find information and opportunities on Tina’s website is tinafolch.com.

Deb Saunders
St. Paul, Minn.